You see it on the news every day. Data Breaches. Computer Viruses. Ransomware. Hacker Intrusions.

While doing business on the internet provides global advantages for your company, It also presents security challenges that are unparalleled. That’s why you need a partnership with the I.T. security professionals of KTG.

The KTG cyber security team is honored to represent Middle Tennessee as a top-ranked managed security service provider in the region. We have a long and impressive track record demonstrating our commitment to keeping our client’s I.T. operations secure.

About Kraft Technology Group’s Outstanding I.T. Security Professionals

We have carefully selected IT security professionals from across the industry to be a part of the KTG team. These individuals possess over 50 years of combined cyber security experience and the industry recognition and certifications that attest to that experience.

In dealing with your small to midsize business, our I.T. security professionals focus on a balance of proactive cybersecurity management services such as: endpoint protection, patch management, ransomware protection, enhanced email security, application whitelisting, secure web browsing, security information and event management (SIEM), firewall and intrusion prevention management, secure network architecture, and end-user security awareness training.

But providing Managed Security Services is not the only service KTG provides our valued clients. We provide Computer Services, Network Support and Managed I.T. Services in the greater Nashville area and beyond! Our mission is to empower small and midsize businesses headquartered in Tennessee to efficiently & securely utilize best of breed technology, so they can focus on reaching and exceeding their strategic goals.

What Professional IT Security Management Will Do for Your Nashville Area Business

  • Endpoint Protection – Your network is at its best when your computers, tablets, and smartphones can all connect to the system quickly, easily, and securely. But what if unwanted devices can connect and access your private data and your customer’s confidential information? What if someone connects through an unsecured endpoint and plants spyware, malware, or ransomware? These are the scenarios that the I.T. security professionals guard against with our Endpoint Protection service.
  • Patch Management – No software is perfect when it leaves development and is sold to the public. Why? Because application developers cannot possibly see every potential scenario where the software interacts with a particular device or another piece of software. As developers become aware of issues that impact security or performance, they issue updates called “patches.” The KTG team ensures that your systems are automatically kept up-to-date with the latest or most reliable patches and in doing so allow you to spend your time doing your work. Not only to do we manage Microsoft patches, we also handle third party application patches such as Adobe and Java, as well as Apple operating system patches.
  • Ransomware Protection – This malicious software is used by criminals worldwide to extort millions of dollars each year from businesses just like yours. Ransomware protection consists of a finely tuned balance of data backup, business-class endpoint protection, employee training, firewall management, and more. Bringing each of these elements into line and up to standard is a complicated process and demands the care of an I.T. security professional.
  • Enhanced Email Security – You do business via email every day, but email continues to be an effective tool of cyber-crime syndicates. Why? Because many businesses assume their email is safe when it is not. The I.T. security team of KTG brings email security into sharp focus with the implementation of business-class email systems, encryption, spam filtering, virus detection, email continuity, and two-factor authentication.
  • Application Whitelisting – Many dangers to your I.T. environment – and ultimately, your business – come from malicious applications that take up residence on and operate within your systems. To protect from this danger, the KTG cyber security technicians build an index of applications that are permitted and safe to run on your system. This keeps unwanted and harmful applications from slowing your productivity or harming your company.
  • Secure Web Browsing – Unfortunately, browsers can be hacked. From the main browser executable to browser components and plugins, each browser has its own set of vulnerabilities. Fortunately, many of these hacks – and the necessary steps to stop them – are known. To implement secure web browsing, the KTG I.T. security professionals implement a number of well-balanced elements such as web filtering, browser hardening, DNS management & security, anti-malware software, and password security.
  • Security Information & Event Management – As has been proven by hacks of secure government sites, no network is impenetrable. Because of this hard truth, the KTG cyber security experts set up remote, automatic monitoring of our client’s systems to be able to spot and proactively respond to any anomalies. Should an intrusion attempt be made, we will then leap into action and do what is necessary to rid the system of the intrusion, secure the exploited vulnerability, repair any damage, and re-establish full functionality.
  • Firewall and Intrusion Prevention Management – A firewall is more than a piece of hardware and a corresponding software application that your company buys off the shelf. You need enterprise-class firewall assets AND the I.T. security professionals that know how to manage that firewall appliance and keep the corresponding software updated to meet current threat vectors.
  • Secure Network Architecture – Using best practices in the design or upgrade of your network architecture can go a long way in avoiding vulnerabilities often found in ad-hoc systems. Network compartmentalization and layered security within the LAN and VLAN are utilized by the KTG I.T. security professionals to give you a secure foundation for your I.T. environment.
  • End-User Security Awareness Training – Unfortunately, many employees are ill-trained and unequipped to spot and respond to intrusion attempts such as phishing, adware, ransomware, and social engineering. The KTG cyber security team will take the time to help your employees understand what the common forms of attack look like and how to respond when they discover that their email, workstation, or mobile device has been targeted.

Our team of I.T. security professionals has a track record that speaks for itself!

KTG is celebrating its 25th year in operation this year and is part of the KraftCPAs family of companies. Since its founding in 1958, KraftCPAs has become one of the largest, locally owned CPA firms in Tennessee.  We are proud of the many years that our I.T. security team has put into protecting businesses just like yours.

Let us help you secure your business! Contact KTG now using the chat window on this page.

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