How Does KTG Keep a Business’ Data, Networks, and Systems Safe?

To provide top-tier security for our clients, KTG begins the process with a thorough cybersecurity assessment conducted by our team of IT professionals. During this evaluation, we carefully examine each aspect of our clients’ IT assets with an eye to detecting any existing issues and potential vulnerabilities within their systems.

Once the assessment has been completed, we are then able to eradicate risk portals and address any identified problems. This is then followed up with regular monitoring, maintenance, and cybersecurity management backed by proactive protocols that safeguard against systemic exploitation attempts by cyber predators.

Nashville’s #1 Cybersecurity Team

Among the tools we employ to fortify our clients’ network security are:

  • Endpoint Management
  • Email Security
  • Timely Patches, Updates, and Upgrades
  • Data Backup and Encryption
  • Firewall Configuration and Management
  • Business-class Antivirus
  • Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Regular Security Assessments
  • Custom-Designed, Industry-Specific Security Policy & Procedures
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring

How Can I Keep My Business Data and IT Systems Secure?

Companies are fighting more battles in the cyber realm than ever before. Each company faces real threats from sophisticated cybercriminals who make their living penetrating the IT systems of honest businessmen for their own personal exploitation. There is no question that this is a clear and present danger facing Nashville companies.

To ensure that you have the protection you need, a well-thought-out and robust cybersecurity program is essential. Kraft Technology Group assists businesses with achieving the peace of mind and workflow protection they need by leveraging our vast experience and powerful cybersecurity solutions.

Basic cybersecurity measures such as home-based antivirus systems are not sufficient to keep a business’ data and networks protected. KTG helps businesses have complete confidence that their IT assets are secure and that the walls of protection surrounding their workflow and data are up to the task.

Four Things Cybercriminals Want from a Business’ IT Systems

A company’s “secrets” – proprietary information regarding products and services

A team of dedicated, highly qualified IT professionals on your side

IT Managed Services in Nashville

Sensitive client data such as financial and purchase information

IT Solutions in Nashville

Information to manipulate to destroy a company’s reputation

IT Management in Nashville

Access to shut down part or all of a company’s internal processes

What Can I Expect from Cybersecurity Services from KTG?

Stand on Guard – Keeping You Safe

Maintaining proper security strategies is an ongoing process. To ensure that our clients maintain adequate levels of protection, we stay on top of their systems and the latest security offerings in the technology sphere to keep each business safe and secure. We also offer remote monitoring and continuous maintenance to allow us early detection of potential threats, so we can eliminate them before they can take root and cause a problem.

Keep IT Legal – Meeting Compliance Standards

We work daily with companies in highly-regulated industries that must take adhering to regulatory expectations seriously. Compliance hinges upon the preservation of the privacy of each business’ client base. KTG assists businesses with keeping in line with industry guidelines and legislative mandates.

  • PCI
  • And more 

Five Serious Threats to a Business’ Security

  • Human Error
  • Internal Espionage
  • Weak Passwords
  • Predatory Viruses
  • Lack of Adequate Protection for Bring Your Own Device

Schedule A Cybersecurity Assessment With Kraft’s Team Of Tech Security Professionals

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