When’s the Last Time Your Website Had a Professional Overhaul?

The importance of maintaining a sharp online presence cannot be overstated. A website that is current and is optimized to promote ease of functionality increases a company’s ability to interact with its target demographic online, paving the way towards a successful business relationship.

Premium Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

Kraft Technology Group assists businesses with improving their online presence through sleek website design that draws the eye and gets their company noticed. We place a high emphasis on helping our clients build online sales platforms, leverage search engine optimization, make use of paid advertisement online, and even build interactive systems for employees and clients online.

The KTG team offers our web design and digital marketing solutions in conjunction with our comprehensive set of Managed IT Services. This combination of services assists our valued clients with reaching their security, marketing, and operational objectives.

Five Reasons Website Updates are Important for Businesses

Maintains customer interest levels

Maintains customer interest levels
Encourages a corporate image that is fresh and relevant

Encourages a corporate image that is fresh and relevant
Addresses the changing needs within an industry and market

Addresses the changing needs within an industry and market
Improves SEO rankings to drive traffic to the site!

Improves SEO rankings to drive traffic to the site!
Enhances the value of web content

Enhances the value of web content

What Can Web Design and Digitial Marketing Services Do for My Business?

Today’s consumers have come to expect the ability to connect with a business through the simple click of a button. In order for a business to thrive in this commercial environment, it’s necessary to keep pace with the latest methods for attracting and retaining their target audience’s interest.

When additional support is needed, our team of IT specialists are able to provide troubleshooting assistance or strategic advice – enabling clients to leverage the power of Office 365 to their benefit.

What Can Web Design And Digitial Marketing Services Do For My Business?

KTG helps businesses to achieve their goals by providing them with:

  • An interactive, user-friendly web platform
  • Website updates as trends and product/services offerings evolve
  • A customized website to meet each client’s tastes and needs
  • Ongoing IT support and collaboration to address current and future goals
  • The option of an add-on support package which offers troubleshooting services and advanced web programming on an as-needed basis

What is Needed for My Website to Get Attention?

A website is only effective when traffic is successfully driven to it. Let’s face it. Companies need something to set their website apart from the crowd.

The team of digital marketing specialists at KTG employ the leading search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help each business gain traffic and convert that traffic to sales.

By tapping into a combination of on-page and off-page SEO marketing features that are integrated into a website’s framework, businesses can ensure that search engines like Google and Bing not only recognize their business but push them toward the top of the list when users search for a certain set of products and services.

Simply put, more traffic equates to more visibility which in turn converts to greater sales for a business.

What Is Needed For My Website To Get Attention?

Among the resources KTG employs for our customers include:

  • Collaboration on strategic website planning to achieve the right look and feel
  • Creation of contact forms, interactive user components, landing pages, and any image galleries if applicable
  • Development of static pages including the Home, About Us, Contact Us, and more
  • SEO expertise including the targeted use of effective keywords, backlinks, URLs, etc
  • Regular evaluations to maintain peak website performance levels