Why Businesses Need Help Leveraging the Power of Cloud Computing

Many businesses are already leveraging cloud computing in one way or another. Chances are, you’re using the cloud to some degree – whether it’s a hosted email or an application you access via the Internet. But as the cloud becomes more popular than ever before, businesses need help leveraging its power. Why is that?

Cloud Services in Nashville

RightScale publishes an annual state of the cloud report wherein 27% of respondents cited a lack of resources and expertise as their biggest challenge associated with the cloud. This lack of resources and expertise impacts everything from governance to spending to security to compliance.

How Kraft Technology Group Helps You Make Sense of the Cloud

Kraft Technology Group works with your company to integrate cloud technologies, then educate your employees to make use of the powerhouse functionality available within cloud applications and platforms. First, we’ll assess your current infrastructure to determine what’s working well and what’s not.

Next, we’ll make recommendations for where cloud computing makes sense for you. The KTG team of cloud specialists can then move forward with migrating each aspect of the business data and workflow that will benefit most from being housed in the cloud.

  • Web Hosting – Our web design services include everything from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and hosting.
  • Hosted Applications – We can host and manage specific line of business applications in public and hybrid clouds.
  • Cloud Workspace – Full workstations with all line of business applications accessible anywhere, at any time, and from any device.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Improve communications with business email and collaboration tools, including shared calendars, tasks, contacts, public folders, and e-mail.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Leverage the full spectrum of applications within Microsoft’s newest office productivity platform.

Five Benefits of Moving to Cloud Services

A company’s “secrets” – proprietary information regarding products and services

Eliminates concerns of outdated hardware

IT Managed Services in Nashville

Fortifies cybersecurity and business continuity protocols

IT Solutions in Nashville

Provides greater off-site backup opportunities

IT Management in Nashville

Delivers easy scalability in terms of users, storage, etc.

IT Management in Nashville

Equips without a long-term commitment for necessary added infrastructure

KTG Provides a Full Range of Cloud Services

  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Managed Off-Site Backups
  • Cloud Server Solutions
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Citrix Files
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Cloud Workspace
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Nowadays, virtually all businesses are using the cloud in some sense, but if it’s mismanaged, you’re opening yourself up to a whole host of issues. At the end of the day, the best way to achieve the cost-savings so often mentioned when we speak of the cloud is having a cloud expert there to help you out.

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