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Advocate Capital, Inc.

Responsive and effective IT services are a priority for Advocate Capital,Inc. TheAdvoTrac case funding system that Advocate Capital, Inc. uses requires nearly 100% uptime – a tall order for any IT company that they work with.

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Cushion Corp

Cushion Corp is a workforce solutions company, providing a range of services to help organizations find and manage employees, as well manage customer interactions. A primary area of their service is in outsourcing.

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Heritage medical associates

Heritage Medical Associates is an independent multi-specialty practice operating out of Davidson, Wilson and Williamson counties. Incorporating 160 providers, Heritage Medical Association has been in business for 28 years.

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Microsoft surface hub 2s

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is an interactive whiteboard, meetings platform and collaborative computing device designed to empower teamwork. This movable collaboration tool is meant to allow teams to work and share.

Why This Real Estate Firm Relies On Kraft Technology Group For Expert IT Support thumbnail

Real Estate Firm Relies On Kraft Technology Group For Expert IT Support

With three staff members, this real estate firm’s IT needs are straightforward but nevertheless important.