ECommerce platforms are one of the fastest growing trends in business. They allow you to create an online presence where you can display your products, interact with the consumer, handle transactions, and finalize sales all on one convenient platform. You don’t have to maintain a storefront or purchase a building. You simply set up your virtual store and go to work.

ecommerce 2019


Shopify combines social media and online shopping giving you access to a broader audience with much less effort. For $9 a month, you can easily integrate your Shopify store with your FaceBook page giving you the best of both worlds and allowing you to attract customers who prefer social shopping on a secure platform. Shopify means customers can view your shop without disrupting their connection to social media.


YoKart allows for multiple vendors to be used within one system. Designed to benefit small and medium-sized businesses, YoKart offers several payment options and even has a multi-lingual platform. This makes it easy to communicate with buyers and even more accessible for buyers to pay for their purchases.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce allows you the option to integrate many different storefronts into one, easy to use online shopping experience. You can include eBay, Amazon, and Facebook shops in one convenient location and also include multiple options for managing how customers pay for their items, how the products are shipped, and creating an automated inventory that updates itself as items are sold.


Magento is designed to grow as your business grows. It offers flexible features that are designed to adapt right along with your company’s continued growth. This includes automated inventory, payment platforms, and cloud solutions that encourage growth instead of restricting it. The company gives you access to a network of professionals who have experience in many areas including, IT gurus, marketing professionals, and seasoned business owners.


Squarespace functions in much the same way as WordPress and allows you to create the type of website that will best suit your needs. The focus rests primarily on building your brand and helps you to sell yourself. There are not a lot of filters or other bells and whistles that can cause frustration and confusion. It is easy to use and doesn’t require an excessive amount of tech savvy to produce a quality website.


VTEX is a platform best suited to larger businesses that have outgrown or expanded farther than the limitations of a smaller platform will allow. It uses an on-demand pricing platform that uses revenue sharing as a base. Its overall design is best suited for large chain or retail outlets due to its higher than average cost. It works exceptionally well for franchise operations that generate over a million in sales each year.

The size of your business and its potential for growth will determine which of the eCommerce trends for 2019 is the best option for you. There are several platforms available to choose from once you understand your business’s overall potential for growth during the coming year.