Top Seven Microsoft 365 Benefits For Your Nashville Business

Microsoft 365 is a subscription version of MS Office that is hosted in the Cloud, and more. It comes with tons of additional apps, services, and functionalities.

Using Microsoft 365 as an organization comes with many benefits, including easy accessibility, robust security, and access to the latest updates. On top of this, Microsoft 365 offers online versions of its popular apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This allows you to work on, edit, and share documents in real-time with your teammates across various departments. Organizations of all sizes in Nashville, TN are finding Microsoft 365 a popular productivity tool due to its ability to reduce costs of mobility, increase efficiency, and drive ROI.

Watch this short video to learn more about how Microsoft 365 can benefit your business:

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What Are the Seven Biggest Advantages of Using Microsoft 365 for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

Here are the top seven reasons why your Nashville organization should consider integrating MS 365 into your corporate environment.

  • Additional Apps: The box MS Office version only included a few core apps, e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and a couple of services. Microsoft 365 has several other useful apps like SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, etc. It also comes with additional enhanced services like Power BI, Delve, Forms, Sway, Flow, Stream, and Planner. These extra apps and services make Microsoft 365 more useful than the standard version.
  • Flexibility & Mobility Of Services: The most significant advantage of MS 365 is that you can access it from anywhere. Users can install it locally or use the online version at It allows each user up to 15 installations with one valid enterprise license, i.e., five phones, five tablets, and five Mac/PCs. Microsoft made these changes deliberately to address the increasing demand for a mobile workforce. You can now work from home or on-the-go just as effectively as you would in a traditional office setup.
  • Better Licensing: In the past, users had to buy new box software if they wanted additional apps or to upgrade services. With MS 365, all you have to do is license the tools you need at the moment. You can opt to subscribe per month or user and add or terminate a license at any time. This gives you the flexibility to customize your workspace by licensing only the apps and services that address your current needs. The subscription fee also caters for upgrades, hence no additional or unexpected expenses.
  • Automated Upgrades: Are you tired of tracking and installing updates manually? Well, Microsoft 365 allows you to automatically receive security fixes and software updates at your preferred intervals. You can also opt to automatically install the upgrades for just a few personnel, e.g., IT staff, before rolling them out to the others. And as we said before, all update costs are included in your license fee.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Additional apps and services like Teams and SharePoint enable you and your colleagues to work on projects simultaneously. You can see other member’s audits in real-time and receive instant notifications. Instead of sending file copies, you can share links to the online versions to ensure that every user has the most recent document. With Teams, you can easily switch to calls and video conferences directly from chats. All these features enhance collaboration and enable you to work on projects more efficiently as a team.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: If you’re already using MS Office, you know how seriously Microsoft takes the security of their clients’ files and data. This is not any different with Microsoft 365; it comes with a built-in award-winning security system. Some of its advanced features include Azure Identity Protection, MFA & AD MFA, Spam Filtering, Advanced Threat Protection, Email Encryption, Threat Detection, and SSO. What’s more — admins have full visibility and control of the network’s security posture via a central threat management dashboard.
  • Reduced Risks: Microsoft 365 is hosted in the Cloud, which is safer and less prone to hacks and data breaches. Glitches in your physical devices or local connectivity issues do not affect online access, hence limited disruptions and increased business continuity.

Are you considering moving to Microsoft 365? If you’re already using the standard Office version, this should be a no-brainer. Kraft Technology Group is here to help ensure the process is smooth and stress-free. We are open for consultations 24/7.

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