Kraft Technology Group (KTG) provides help desk and network support to Advocate Capital, Inc.. Employees enjoy the responsiveness to tickets and highly rates the service. In these first two months, KTG resolved several lingering workstation issues. In addition, Advocate Capital benefits from the secure network perimeter and security training. We appreciate the service and partner relationship thus far.

Business Spotlight: Marc A. Wolfe Enterprises

Business Spotlight: Marc A. Wolfe Enterprises Kraft Technology Group is proud to shine the spotlight on a great business: Marc…

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Why Your Nashville Business Needs The Kraft Supported Perch Alerting Tool

Kraft Technology Group - Perch Alerting Tool Would you know if one of your employees either accidentally or intentionally downloaded…

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Microsoft Surface Hub 2
Story Of Success In Nashville

Is Your Team Struggling To Collaborate? In modern business environments, collaboration is vital—every moving part in your business needs to…

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