Considering Switching IT Companies In Nashville?

If you are reading this piece, you may be looking to switch IT companies for your organization or business. A business life-changing event, such as an outage, data loss, poor support, staff changes, or data breach, may cause your frustrations. You may also need a transition because you have outgrown your current IT company. Choosing a reliable IT partner addresses your concerns about the switch. Your IT infrastructure is a critical part of your business. Having it operational makes your company satisfied, eliminates frustrations, and motivates your staff.

So, what should you do when switching IT companies in Nashville? At Kraft Technology Group, we get this question every time. Kraft Technology Group is the leading IT services and IT support provider in Nashville. We leveraged our proficiency to develop this guide to help clients have a switch with minimum IT support failure risk.

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Potential Problems If You Do Not Follow a Reliable Plan When Switching IT Companies

You may encounter these challenges if you cannot switch to a constructive and reliable IT company:

  • Service gaps: the switching process can cause disruption when you leave your firm and before starting with the new entity. If you encounter IT challenges during this period, you will struggle to get the help you need.
  • Missing information: letting your IT support company go may not be straightforward. The outgoing firm may sabotage your systems, causing losses of data. These losses may affect your business reputation and operations.
  • Unidentified backdoors: the outgoing IT company has a backdoor to your firm’s system. You will need to close this path as you switch to stop them from accessing your systems.

Kraft Technology Group understands the risks involved, and we have developed this guide to help you settle on a reliable partner.

Signs of a Good IT Company

The following signs of an IT company can ensure you do not end up in the same place.

  • An IT firm takes cybersecurity seriously. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 55 percent of consumers switch providers because of a threat of data breach. A good IT establishment takes proactive measures to ensure your systems, data, and operations are safe. The company follows the best cybersecurity practices to reduce your exposure. Their actions protect you from frustrations caused by disrupted processes or unsatisfied clients.
  • The company has reliable support. It takes steps to ensure you can reach them whenever you need their services. They hire adequate staff, have open communication channels, and address your concerns.
  • The entity delivers tangible results. They provide you with a measurable return on investment (ROI). They show you specific data to back up how their services will help your firm. It follows guides, such as ISO 27001, to ensure they continue to offer your company value.
  • The firm focuses on contractual details. They tailor their solutions to exceed your expectations right from the negotiations phase. Once you have a contract, they fulfill their obligations. They have a partnership with your company and not a transactional relationship.
  • The company has a disaster preparedness plan. Its team understands that they cannot mitigate 100 percent of the IT risks you may face. They take measures to prevent those they can, but also have contingency plans. These strategies ensure you have no downtime or significant losses.
  • The company has a viable projection of its development. Your business still has room for expansion. The IT company should share a similar vision for their brand. This similarity ensures they can meet your needs as you expand.

Steps to Follow When Switching IT Companies

Follow these steps to have a smooth transition to a new IT company.

  1. Do not cancel services from your current IT company before sealing the deal with the new firm. This action ensures you do not have service gaps that can hinder your operations.
  2. Have admin access to all applications, data, and accounts. You should also have a master list of all login details and passwords. This proposition may encounter some resistance from the IT company, but be firm to get them.
  3. Assess your infrastructure to ensure there are no backdoors into your setup.
  4. Once the services from the new company are operational, cancel your deal with your outgoing IT firm.
  5. Inform your entire staff of the changes.

Following these steps will ensure you have a smooth transition. You will avoid risks associated with switching IT companies.

How Kraft Technology Group Can Help You

Kraft Technology Group is the leading Nashville IT services and IT support company. We offer solutions that help small and midsize entities achieve their goals. Our team, comprising qualified staff, help our clients identify, install, and support the right infrastructure to satisfy their needs.

Kraft Technology Group recognizes the frustrations that the wrong IT company can cause you. Once you decide to switch firms, the change needs to be successful. The new entity should ensure the minimum risk of failure and end your frustrations. Kraft Technology Group can ensure you attain these aims. We will provide reliable IT services and IT support to help you pursue your targets. At Kraft Technology Group, we tailor our services to meet your needs and have standby support to assist you when you need us.

Have You Settled on a New IT Company?

Having a smooth IT infrastructure is critical for your business. Choosing the right partner ends frustrations from your IT operations. You minimize risks associated with switching IT companies in Nashville and ensure you do not find yourself in a situation similar to your current one.

Kraft Technology Group services will help you meet your goals. We will help you leverage IT to become a leading company in your field. Reach out today and let Kraft Technology Group help you have a smooth switch to a new IT company.

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