Don Baham Joins the Private Directors Association Cyber Security Initiative

Our very own Don Baham has been named as the Education Task Force Leader for the Private Directors Association’s Cyber Security Initiative.

Don Baham Joins the Private Directors Association Cyber Security Initiative

We are proud to announce that our President Don Baham has been appointed as a task force leader of the Cyber Security Initiative for the Private Directors Association (PDA). In this role, Don will spearhead the PDA’s efforts to educate and support the association’s members in all things cybersecurity.

The initiative has been in place since 2016 and is charged with providing educational resources and tools to members, including webinars and whitepapers. Under Don’s direction, the Cyber Education Task Force will continue to develop and expand its efforts to help current and prospective board members attain a higher level of cybersecurity governance expertise.

The PDA was founded in 2014 to help boards of directors across the country improve and optimize their efforts by supporting current members and facilitating new board candidates through professional development and networking opportunities. As cybercrime continues to be a primary concern for businesses nationwide, the PDA’s Cyber Security Initiative offers invaluable support to boards that are trying to maintain a robust defense for their organizations.

The Kraft Technology Group team would like to congratulate Don, who is a founding member of the Nashville chapter of the PDA, on his new position and is confident that his extensive experience with cybersecurity best practices will be put to good use.