Kraft Technology Group Achieves MSP Verify Certification

Kraft Technology Group is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the MSPAlliance’s MSP Verify Program (MSPV) certification process, the oldest certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers.

“The MSPV certification is a rigorous process that benchmarks and verifies the quality of the company providing cloud and/or managed services,” said Celia Weaver, MSPAlliance® president. “We are very proud to have Kraft Technology Group as a member of this elite community of MSPs and cloud providers.”

The MSPV is based on the Unified Certification StandardTM (UCS) for Cloud and Managed Service Providers and developed by the International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers.

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What Does the MSP Verify Program Mean To Clients?

The UCS consists of 10 control objectives and underlying controls that constitute crucial building blocks of a successful managed services (and cloud computing) practice. Once the provider’s organization has completed all MSPV documentation on all applicable control objectives (with the assistance of MSPAlliance’s readiness assessments, gap analysis, helpful templates and consulting) the results are then examined by an independent third-party accounting firm for verification and signing of a public-facing report.

As with any other certification of this type, the MSPV certification must be renewed annually. The MSPV was the first certification created specifically for the managed services and cloud industry. The MSPV has been reviewed by governmental agencies and regulatory bodies across the globe and is used and accepted in five continents around the world.

“Cloud services are vital to the modem business world,” says Don Baham, President, Kraft Technology Group. “Cloud computing continues to play an important role in both daily business processes and ongoing long-term business strategy. With this certification, Kraft Technology Group is better positioned than ever before to deliver expert guidance for our clients.”


Part of the KraftCPAs family of companies since 1992, Kraft Technology Group provides cloud services, IT security, network support, and managed IT services in the greater Nashville Tennessee area and beyond. Our mission is to empower small and midsize businesses to efficiently and securely utilize best of breed technology, so they can focus on reaching and exceeding their strategic goals.


MSPAlliance® is a global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Established in 2000 with the objective of helping MSPs become better MSPs. Today, MSPAlliance has more than 30,000 cloud computing and manage service provider corporate members across the globe and works in a collaborative effort to assist its members, along with foreign and domestic governments, on creating standards, setting policies and establishing best practices.  For more information, visit

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