Is Your Team Struggling To Collaborate?

In modern business environments, collaboration is vital—every moving part in your business needs to stay connected and in sync in order to meet the expectations of your clients.

It’s no secret: technology is the driving force behind effective collaboration for businesses in the modern world. If you haven’t found the right tool to support your team’s meetings, collaborations, and other projects, allow Kraft Technology Group to help.

We’ve equipped many of our clients with the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, a proven asset in modern collaborative workspaces.

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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

What is The Surface Hub 2S?

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is an interactive whiteboard, meetings platform and collaborative computing device designed to empower teamwork.

This movable collaboration tool is meant to allow teams to work and share more efficiently wherever they need to, transforming any location, from the boardroom to the lobby, into a meeting place.

We’ve seen firsthand how this industry-leading technology helps our clients to work more effectively and collaborate more seamlessly.

5 Problems The Surface Hub 2S Solves For Our Clients

  1. Intuitive Whiteboarding: Using a blank Microsoft Word .doc or iPhone note file doesn’t allow for the range of expression needed by those who work in mediums that combine text and design. The Whiteboard app allows users to write freely, recognizing handwriting automatically to take notes and digitally format them as fast as you can scribble. This app works seamlessly across Windows 10, iOS and Android, allowing the entire team to provide their input in real-time from their own devices.
  2. Collaboration & Mobility: Our clients recognize the value in taking ideas to others’ workspaces, but it’s not always convenient (or even a possibility) with conventional tablets and laptops. A key feature of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is its Steelcase Roam Easel, which allows users to keep it moving, rather than hold meetings wherever it’s mounted to the wall.
  3. Simplifying The Workplace: The modern workplace has become overloaded with dongles, thumb drives, and more extras and add-ons. In order to gain compatibility between different operating systems, different ports, and so on, professionals on the go often have to come prepared with a half dozen adaptors just to be confident they can give a presentation. The Microsoft Hub 2S simplifies collaboration that would otherwise require a number of different devices to work properly. It’s the presentation screen and the computer; the keyboard and the mouse. In allowing users to directly interface with a large format touch screen, multiple steps are removed from once onerous daily processes.
  4. Agency In Workplace Culture: Relying on conventional workplace technology to help you develop the business culture you’ve envisioned can be difficult. The mobility of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S allows users to put the personal aspect back in the sharing of digital information.
  5. Intuitive User Experience: Bringing a community of professionals together can be difficult when they all have different proficiencies. Someone who spends their days in Microsoft Excel may not speak the same language as someone who spends their days in Photoshop. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S unifies teams made up of many different roles in an intuitive and engaging workspace. Between the Whiteboard app and the Surface Hub 2 Pen, anyone can feel capable of sharing their ideas and interacting on a project in real-time.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Will Change The Way You Meet

Looking for the right tool to anchor your meetings in the office?

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