Why Medical Clinics in Nashville Need Private Cloud Solutions from Kraft Technology Group

Healthcare organizations like hospitals, diagnostic services, surgical centers, and medical clinics in Nashville face industry-wide disruptions aiming to lower costs, reduce service friction and deliver innovation.

The changing customer demands and the need to integrate services with digital experiences to offer adequate customer care are also challenging. With the stiff competitive landscape, every medical clinic needs to implement a strategic solution to help them solve these challenges.

Recently, cyber-attack threats are increasing, placing medical clinics in a tight spot to secure their data. With more opportunities presented with telemedicine and connected medical devices, medical teams need to have a platform to offer expert healthcare and guidance.

Kraft Technology Group is a renowned firm offering top IT managed services to drive your practice effectively. With our diverse IT and cyber security skills, you will enjoy a range of IT services for reliable data security and robust connectivity. To achieve this seamlessly, our experts will help you to set up a private cloud data center. Read on to find out why.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing Applications in Healthcare

Over the years, an increase in data breaches has seen many organizations migrate to private clouds to evade serious issues affecting public clouds. A private cloud gives you control over data, your repository, and the accessibility you grant users. The healthcare IT staff also directly controls the content stored in the cloud, and they will keep a close eye on PHI to ensure everything works properly.

Equally important, medical clinics should have control over their storage environment due to the nature of data they get from their clients. Medical data is a prime target for intruders, making the private cloud a popular option for the medical field. It offers complete control with robust security that medical practitioners can use to protect their clients’ data.

Complete control over the private cloud allows organizations to deploy any application they need and stay compliant. They adhere to HIPAA requirements and can eliminate vendors who help secure the storage environment and keep it HIPAA compliant.

It also gives medical clinics the ability to customize their cloud environment that will meet their demands. You are not tied to the type of hardware or software in your way of integrating with your solution. You will achieve secure solutions that integrate with other systems you have in your organization to enable you to achieve a higher level of customer service.

Summary of these benefits are:

  • Your Cloud, Your Choice: A private cloud allows you to customize the technologies you need.
  • Ensure Flexibility: It is easy to deploy and scale for maximized security and production.
  • Manage or Co-Manage: You have control over the managed and co-managed private cloud hosting services.
  • Predictable Spend: The pricing model allows you to choose what you want to spend money on resources you will use.

Who Chooses Private Cloud with Security and Control

Are you wondering if a private cloud is a suitable choice for you? Private cloud solutions are the best and arguably the only option for medical clinics with workloads requiring a dedicated cloud environment that will meet high demands and security and compliance mandates.

You control the infrastructure, data, and applications, making you the creator and the manager. You can find private cloud hosting services at all Kraft Technology Group data centers.

Such a reason enables your IT team to achieve the required flexibility when it comes to growth and changing demands of customers. You can achieve your performance isolation, uptime, and scalability goals while saving more on cash than you would require to invest in physical servers and other third-party applications.

The Future with Private Cloud in Healthcare

Most healthcare organizations opt for private clouds due to their safety and exclusive features. All medical centers have a lot of sensitive data that can lead to devastating effects if it falls into the hands of a hacker.

They are always skeptical about confidential data, and storing it in private clouds helps achieve greater security. Companies will also add extra security protocols other than the measures they get from a cloud provider.

Equally importantly, medical clinics are seeing an increased demand for healthcare services in remote areas, and using private clouds in the future will help reach these areas without hassle. They efficiently serve underserved or extremely rural locations where there is no adequate infrastructure to access data.

One study shows that you can make data available at every entry level of the healthcare system using a standardized approach with private clouds.

It is easy to collect accurate data that you and your clients can use to make proper decisions by achieving such high standardization. The use of automation with this process will also ensure better healthcare access and reach out to more people across the globe.

Kraft Technology Group Private Cloud

The current healthcare landscape can be challenging without an innovative partner to help enhance your clinical workflows, increase revenues, and digitalize customer experience. Private clouds are the new norms, and Kraft Technology Group will help you achieve all the benefits. We deliver the most comprehensive technology-enabled solutions to medical organizations of any size in Nashville.

Our experts help you build a cloud-based platform where you can have all your organization’s activities in a single place. You can manage health records, telehealth, patient experience, and business intelligence with single solutions. It will empower you to:

  • Optimize your care delivery: The integrated cloud-based solutions help to delight your patients with tailored care.
  • Reduce operational expenses: Any solution that cuts down costs effectively maintains competition leverage amidst the current stiff competition. We will help you improve profits by eliminating administrative burdens with this scalable cloud solution.
  • Improve patient experience: Your patients need to enjoy a seamless process from registration to when they finally receive the services they require. Our solutions are seamless, enabling you to interact with your patients easily with real-time access to data.

Don’t wait any longer. Talk to our customer care desk today to find the best way to solve your business issues and implement effective private cloud solutions.