MSSP Alert”, published by After Nines Inc., has named Kraft Technology Group to its Top 100 MSSPs list for 2017 ( This list and research identify and honor the top 100 managed security services providers (MSSPs) that specialize in comprehensive, outsourced cybersecurity services.

The Top 100 MSSP rankings are based on “MSSP Alert’s” readership survey combined with aggregated third-party research. MSSPs featured throughout the list and research proactively monitor, manage and mitigate cyber threats for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Kraft Technology Group was the only Nashville-based service provider to make the 2017 Top 100 MSSP list. The Kraft team demonstrated their commitment to keeping IT operations secure in the Nashville area. Kraft remains focused on managed IT services and managed IT security services that are designed for small businesses and midmarket enterprises.

Demand for MSSPs has escalated amid rising cyberattacks, malware and ransomware incidents worldwide. In the old days, you would protect your business with an alarm system, but not anymore. Today, cybercrime threats are a clear and present danger. You’re going to need a robust cybersecurity plan that can keep up with threats as they come about. That’s where a partnership with Kraft Technology Group can benefit you!

We leverage our vast experience and powerful cybersecurity solutions to give you and your team a safe online working environment. Working without the use of a cybersecurity safety net is just asking for trouble!

Just think about what you could potentially lose in a cyber attack…

  • Your company secrets.
  • Your client’s financial and purchase information.
  • Your business reputation.
  • Your business itself.
  • It’s all on the line – even your future and the jobs of your employees.

How does the Kraft team keep you and your employees safe while doing business online? It all starts with a cybersecurity assessment completed by our team. First, we examine your entire IT environment for existing issues and potential vulnerabilities. Following the assessment, we bring your systems up to standard and address the problems we identified in the assessment process. From there, it’s all about proper maintenance and monitoring.

Security never ends; it’s not a static process. We stay on top of your systems and the ever-changing world of technology, that way we’re always prepared to keep your business secure. Remote monitoring and constant maintenance allow us to keep ahead of threats.

Compliance is all about preserving the privacy of your customers. We know that is something that is important to you. We will help you keep in line with industry guidelines and legislative mandates. We work daily with highly regulated industry people. Keeping your business safe isn’t rocket science.  It’s much more important and personal than that! Your business is an investment. Therefore, it is your livelihood, and it is the livelihood of your employees. By partnering with Kraft, you have consistent, “on guard” protection for your network, essential data, applications and processes.

“We are honored to represent Middle Tennessee as a top-ranked, managed security service provider in the region,” said Don Baham, President of Kraft Technology Group. “Our goal has always been to serve the community and provide the best managed IT security services in Middle Tennessee. This list shows that we’ve done just that.”

Our professionals are trained across multiple platforms. They work proactively to configure, maintain and monitor your business technology for peak performance. Kraft Technology Group keeps your IT running at top speed and keeps your business safe while doing so. How do we do this? We leverage our significant experience, combined with our industry-leading IT security solutions, to create an IT environment that will support your business workload and objectives.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Regular Maintenance – to ensure optimal operation
  • Installation of Updates and Upgrades – to stay current and safe from cybersecurity threats
  • Help in Planning for Tomorrow – because no technology lasts forever
  • Monitoring of IT – to watch your systems for dangers and anomalies
  • Remote Support – to save you the hassle of having us at your office disrupting workflow

We are IT security professionals who care about the proper function of your IT systems. We don’t wait for something to break, costing you money and lost productivity, before we act. With our monthly managed IT service plan, you will get proactive support to help keep your systems stable, operating smoothly and safely.

We want to help your business operate with increased efficiency and greater productivity.

Don Baham and Kraft Technology Group continue to be committed to supplying Middle Tennessee with the best-managed IT security services for small businesses.

Aren’t you tired of doing all your own computer fixes, updates, upgrades, and cybersecurity? Let us show you how much easier life would be – and how much more efficient your business would be – with Kraft as your IT partner! Contact us now at(615) 600-4411or