Most Companies Take Almost 6 MONTHS to Detect a Data Breach, Even Large Corporations… And By Then, A Massive Amount of Sensitive Information Has Been Disclosed.

Facebook, Capital One, Equifax… Even large corporations can take a lot of time to detect a data breach, and by the time they do, a massive amount of sensitive information has already been disclosed. This often includes passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, and other data that can be used to commit identity theft/fraud or sold for profit. How can you prevent such a large scale breach? After all, cybercriminals are targeting small businesses as much as they’re targeting large corporations. In fact, small businesses are a much easier target because they tend to have lackluster security measures in place.

The Only Way to Prevent a Large Scale Data Breach is Implementing a Multi-Layered Approach to Cybersecurity.

Kraft Technology Group knows the only way to prevent a large scale data breach is implementing a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity wherein all people, processes, and end points are considered. That’s why we choose to work with ESET, a security solutions company that’s been around since 1987 with strong roots in research and development. They not only create innovative products that protect against malware throughout the entire lifecycle, but they’re also proven through vigorous third party testing.

ESET is able to detect and resolve all types of malware – before, during, and after execution – meaning if a file looks completely normal but evolves (as malware often does), they’ll catch it right away before damage is done. Here are some of the services available to keep your network safe:

  • Cloud Malware Protection System: Monitoring all possible threats, then submitting them to the ESET cloud for automatic sandboxing and behavioral analysis. When malicious activity is confirmed, an automated signature is created to catch it sooner next time.
  • Network Attack Protection: Extending traditional firewall technology with improved, more timely detection of known and unknown vulnerabilities found within network traffic. Any detected attack attempts will be blocked immediately and reported to the user for their benefit.
  • Exploit Blocker: Blocking the exploitation process as exploitable applications, such as email clients or browsers, are monitored for any sort of suspicious activity or behaviour. If anything is found, it’s sent back and noted to keep its fingerprint logged in case of future attacks.
  • Advanced Memory Scanner: Monitoring the behavior of a malicious process to uncover even the most sophisticated threats that incorporate sophisticated obfuscation and encryption tricks to avoid conventional detection. When found, malware is scanned in the memory.
  • Enhanced Botnet Protection: Adding yet another layer of network-based detection to scan for offending threats or malicious communication from botnets, then blocking all threats immediately and reporting them to the user while blacklisting them for future detection.
  • Reputation & Cache: Inspecting all files or URLs for known malicious or white-listed benign objects to submit them for further analysis and processing. All data on the network is evaluated automatically to prevent current or future threats from making their way onto the network.
  • DNA Signatures: Detecting malware based on functionality in terms of the way it behaves, also known as DNA signatures, which can identify unknown malware that contains malicious behavior or characteristics. All found malware is resolved with reports sent to the user immediately.
  • Ransomware Shield: Extension of the Host-based Intrusion System (HIPS) built around an algorithm that analyzes running processes and their file-system activity. It runs automatically in the background; effective against file-less infections.

Comparison of Business Cybersecurity Solutions

CompanyCarbon BlackCrowdStrikeCylanceSentinel OneEset
Behavior Analytics,
Machine Learning,
next-gen antivirus
Indicators of attack, Machine learning, blacklists and whitelists, and exploit blockingMachine learning, Math, AIAI, Machine LearningMachine Learning, DNA Detections, Cloud Protection System, Behavioral Detection and Blocking, Inproduct Sandbox, Advanced Memory Scanner, Exploit Blocker, Network Attack Protection, UEFI Scanner, Script Scanner and more.
Gartner standingVisionaryVisionaryVisionaryVisionaryChallenger
Forrester standingStrong PerformerLeaderStrong PerformerNot ListedLeader
Pre-execution detectioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
During execution detectioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Post execution detectioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Network attack protection**check optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Exploit mitigationcheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Independent testing — detectioncheck optioncheck option —98.8%
(higher is better)*
check optioncheck optioncheck option —99.4%
(higher is better)*
Independent testing — performancecheck optioncheck option —8.2%
(lower is better)*
check option —Requires 2GB of RAM per endpointcheck option —Recommends 3GB of RAM, Requires 1GBcheck option —6.1 (lower is better)* Requires 300MB of RAM
Local log storagecheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Control which data leaves premisescheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Cloud-based managementcheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Legacy OS supportcheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Mac supportcheck optionLimitedcheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Linux supportcheck optionLimitedcheck optioncheck optioncheck option
Android supportcheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck optioncheck option

Kraft Technology Group Partners with ESET for One Simple Reason: They’re Proven to Keep Sensitive Data Secure with a Multi-Layered Approach. Call (615) 241-9233 Now.

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