IT Services for Automobile Dealerships Slowing Down Your Sales?

Your customers and sales staff rely on you to provide up-to-the-minute accurate information on pricing and inventory. Are your IT services letting you down?  

Did you know that¬†59% of car shoppers¬†are doing their homework online before ever setting foot on your lot? That means your digital presence needs to be impeccable, and that includes a fast-moving website that is fully optimized for mobile browsing. Of these individuals, nearly 50% are also using multiple devices for their homework such as a laptop or desktop computer, their mobile device and a tablet. Potential buyers are quickly researching car prices between websites, trying to understand the variations between models — and only then looking for specific dealerships to continue the conversation. If your dealership has done a great job optimizing your website, then you might be the one presenting that important information to the buying public. If not, you might find that your competitors are coming out on top in the minds of your consumers. See how¬†IT services for automobile dealerships¬†can help support your revenue goals and drive new business to your dealership.

Benefits of Having a Robust Dealer Presence Online

It’s an exciting time to be in the automotive world. From autonomous, self-driving vehicles to selling high-end digital upgrades, the¬†technological opportunities are nearly limitless. What each of these advances has in common is the need for solid technology infrastructure. Without access to the advanced tools and techniques that are available with fast-moving networks, you’ll find that your sales teams are spending valuable time looking up details on a particular model instead of actively selling on your behalf. If buyers are experiencing a full 360-degree view of the vehicles on your lot without leaving their living room, they are much more knowledgeable and ready to make a buying decision when they finally reach your lot. This can reduce selling cycle time and also increase customer satisfaction by limiting any “surprises” that could happen when a buyer reaches home with their new purchase.

Leveraging IT Services for Automobile Dealerships

This all sounds great, but you might be surprised how your business begins to flounder with proactive¬†IT services for automobile dealerships. This includes everything from an uber-fast WiFi network on your automobile lot to secure financial transactions for your business office. Your reputation in the community is everything, and your customers will be quick to react if they don’t feel that their sensitive personal and financial information is secure with your organization. Creating a positive customer experience that will keep your customers returning means removing all possible frustrations from your workflow — something that would be challenging without the right IT services for your automobile dealership.

When you need IT services for your automobile dealership, you need to know that your partner will be able to provide fast, accurate service to keep your business humming along. Trust the professionals at Kraft Technology Group to provide you with the comprehensive, proactive IT services and support that you deserve. Our team works extensively with automotive dealerships throughout the Middle Tennessee area, offering cybersecurity, cloud computing, consulting services and more to organizations of all sizes. Contact the team of experts at Kraft Technology Group at (615) 600-4411 or chat online anytime to schedule your free initial consultation.