Getting Started With Microsoft Teams

Collaborating with staff, vendors, and management is now more accessible. The Kraft Technology Group shows you how to get started with today’s video training.

Microsoft Teams Is a True Contender

Now more than ever before, your organization has changed the way you use technology. Take, for instance, Microsoft Teams. This platform has seen a dramatic increase in the use of its collaboration and communication platform. What was once considered just another conference call app is now fully integrated into today’s modern workplace.

That integration has made it possible to work anywhere, communicate with anyone, without the confines of an office. Scheduling meetings, sharing files, even video conferencing inside Teams has made it easier to gather with colleagues and staff on the fly. If you’ve wanted to know more about Microsoft Teams, we invite you to watch our free training video.

Check out our free video training on Microsoft Teams:

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What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform. It is part of the Microsoft 365 product family. It allows file storing and sharing, application integration, video conferencing, and workspace chat. With these tools, collaboration with members is easy for one-on-one or virtual group meetings.

Teams can integrate a collection of Microsoft 365 online services and newer apps such as ServiceDesk Plus Cloud,, and Microsoft Teams also connects easily with applications you already know and use, including Word, Calendar, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

Is Microsoft Teams Safe and Secure?

Microsoft Teams has dramatically increased communication and collaboration with businesses, vendors, and staff within a short time. Inside Teams, each user is safe, secure, and offered free training provided by Microsoft. With multiple benefits inside the platform, your team can get free online training for better collaboration and boosting their productivity.

Below we’ve listed just a few benefits you get when using Microsoft Teams:

  • Promote Effective Teamwork
  • Collaborate Anywhere In Real-Time
  • Easily Switch Between Applications
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conferencing

How Does Microsoft Provide Free Training For Teams?

Microsoft provides free admin and end-user training through tutorials, video, and other training resources. The material educates your staff about Teams and each feature built into the platform. The online training’s step-by-step process makes it easy to begin working inside the platform quickly.

If you or your team have questions, they’ll get answered immediately from live instructors. Microsoft hosts a series of online training classes designed to get you and your team up to speed and using the Teams platform. Suppose you’re a business owner, administrator, IT pro, or an end-user. Whatever position you hold, there’s an online Microsoft Teams class that will fit your needs perfectly.

Are You Looking for a Microsoft Teams Solution?

Getting started with Microsoft Teams is easy. Contact us at Kraft Technology Group. You’ll discover just how quickly it is getting started with Microsoft Teams. Call us for a no-obligation chat on(615) 600-4411 or email to connect with one of our experts.