Getting Started With FindTime For Outlook

Are you struggling to find a meeting time that works for all your team members? Discover how Outlook’s FindTime add-in helps make this process as simple as it should be.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are struggling to set meeting times that will be convenient for all your co-workers to attend. Sounds simple enough, but with people’s busy lives, a task as simple as scheduling meetings can quickly turn into a nightmare.

So, are there any tools available to help you manage the task of planning meetings that fit into everyone’s schedule? Many businesses in your situation are now embracing FindTime as the right time-saving, productivity tool for the job!

Are you interested in finding out why? Let’s get started!

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What Is FindTime?

In simple terms, FindTime is a plug-in on Microsoft Outlook that aims to simplify the process of organizing meetings so you can make better use of your time. It was born out of a need to eliminate time wastages when planning meetings. Very often, businesses find themselves spending more time on planning than the actual meeting itself.

With FindTime, Microsoft has made scheduling meetings not only fast but also secure. That’s because everything is encrypted, including personal data like email addresses, the email body, email subject, and the meeting attendees to whom the message is sent.

How Does FindTime Work? FindTime allows you to send invitations to vote on meeting times to various email addresses. This covers several email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and so on.

FindTime collects data provided by recipients and uses it to quickly and accurately identify dates and times that will work best for everyone. What it does is pinpoint any openings in each individual’s schedule that will allow them to attend.

From there, you’ll be able to propose to your team members various selected times for the meeting. Individuals who are supposed to attend will vote on their preferred meeting times. Once a specific time has been arrived at,  FindTime then issues a notice to each attendee.

How Can You Access FindTime? For your organization to access FindTime, you need a Microsoft 365 business subscription. However, you can still use it on an enterprise account equipped with Exchange Online. Take note that attendees of meetings scheduled with FindTime don’t need to install the add-in on their devices.

How Can You Install FindTime? The installation process couldn’t be easier, provided you have a Microsoft 365 business subscription or Exchange Online on an enterprise account. Here are the steps you need to take to install FindTime from Outlook for the web:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on New Message
  3. Click on the Ellipses
  4. Choose Get Add-Ins
  5. Choose FindTime

Does Your Business Need FindTime? Would you like to have enough time to complete all your important tasks? Leveraging FindTime might provide the time savings your organization needs to reach the next level.

The following is a rundown of the top benefits of using FindTime:

  • It is incredibly easy to use.
  • Only the user scheduling the meetings needs to install FindTime.
  • Using FindTime puts an end to the struggle of multiple exchanges between team members attempting to plan a meeting.
  • Not only does FindTime schedule meetings, but it also notifies all the attendees of the date and time of the meeting.
  • Since many businesses already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, most of them find it easy to integrate FindTime into their everyday operations as it’s readily available as an add-in.

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