Where Can I Find Answers to My Technology-Related Questions?

For businesses that have never worked with outsourced IT support before, there are many questions for which they need answers. Let’s dive in.

The Top 6 Questions Businesses Have About Outsourced IT Support

1. Can we keep our information secure while still allowing our employees to do their job efficiently?

Yes. Kraft Technology Group places a high priority on the security of our clients’ data, networks, and systems. We focus on the implementation of proactive IT security protocols backed by our continuous monitoring, maintenance, and management to detect and fortify any vulnerabilities to prevent exploitation by cybercriminals.

We believe that a vital part of any cybersecurity strategy is security awareness training for each employee. This means that not only are we able to keep our clients’ data, networks, and systems secure, but we also do this without disruption to their regular workflow. Our security awareness training also enlists each employee to remain on guard for potential threats which could affect their workflow and their company’s systems, adding an additional layer of protection.

2. Can you support office and employees outside of Nashville?

The team of IT professionals at Kraft Technology Group specializes in providing remote IT support and services, enabling us to bring top-shelf technology solutions to customers within Nashville, the surrounding areas, and nationwide.

3. What kind of cybersecurity services do you offer?

Kraft Technology Group offers a comprehensive approach to managed cybersecurity services to ensure our clients’ sensitive data and critical workflow remains protected. We specialize in adhering to compliance requirements across a wide breadth of industries, providing us with the necessary expertise to assist our clients with meeting expectations outlined by their industry’s code.

To help mitigate the risk of data breaches, we implement a number of different cybersecurity strategies including firewalls, advanced antimalware, managed endpoint protection, two-factor authentication, analytics to track data use, business continuity and disaster recovery services, regular monitoring, maintenance, management, and much more.

4. What should we be concerned about these days?

There are two main priorities for businesses today: adequate cybersecurity measures and technology assets that are optimized to support industry workflow.

With threats from both without and within a company on the rise, every business owner is already aware of the need for strengthened security and the consequences of failing to keep on top of an ongoing, proactive cybersecurity program.

However, many business owners fail to realize the importance of keeping their IT assets current. Outdated technology stalls business progress and can also pose a security risk. This means that regular updates and ongoing maintenance are necessary components of both cybersecurity and business productivity.

5. Do we have to have these servers any more?

Depending on the size of your business, you may no longer require on-site servers. Cloud-hosted virtual servers allow companies to retain easy access to their sensitive information and proprietary data without having to sacrifice space to a physical server in their building.

Business continuity best practices encourage the storage of data in multiple locations, including a heavy reliance on the cloud. This data redundancy helps to ensure that lost data is completely safe and recoverable in the event of an emergency or cyberattack.

6. What do we need to do to make sure we stay compliant?

With penalties for non-compliance strict and unforgiving, it is vital to any business’ success that they carefully adhere to the legislation outlined for their industry. KTG is thoroughly acquainted with the compliance burdens faced by the healthcare and financial services industries. This in-depth expertise allows us to guide each company leader and employees in the correct protocols for safe storage and transmission of files and data to ensure that compliance and security best practices are being followed.

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