Factors That Will Drive IT Change In 2022

The field of IT is constantly changing with new technological advancements coming up. The opportunities for improvements are endless as businesses always try to maximize their productivity with IT. Its accessibility and usage also depend on multiple factors. Over the past few decades, people have seen many new technologies go mainstream, and it is now a significant part of life.

In 2022, more technologies will dominate with the increased advancement of tech in all business sectors. Here are some of the top factors that will drive the change and affect the general use of IT in the world.

IoT with Its Effect on the Environment

The simultaneous growth of IoT and edge computing usage occur in unison, and their future development relies heavily on federal regulations to reduce emissions. The advancements in IoT influence the edge, and therefore, their use is impossible to separate.

However, with the increased demand for sustainability-related services, IoT and the edge appear at the front. IoT systems are highly effective in enhancing water and power usage while monitoring CO2 levels, air quality, and pollution in general.

Equally importantly, many companies now embrace the importance of sustainability, as they now have the important positions of chief sustainability officers. The rest have managers in the role looking solely at sustainability.

These reasons show that it is hard to separate IoT and edge from sustainability strategies in the current corporate world. Everyone needs to understand these critical technologies to have better support systems in the coming year.

Chip Shortage

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been an ongoing challenge in accessing semiconductors. The issue is unlikely to get resolved soon, yet the projected date for a solution is 2023. Therefore, businesses and all consumers of IT products will still suffer from price instability and availability issues going through 2022.

In particular, the IoT market will continue to experience shortages because most of the silicon supply goes toward producing high-end CPUs and GPUs. Therefore, microcontrollers and sensors required by IoT devices will continue to be in short supply.

The chip in the IoT system allows devices to communicate effectively as they need to communicate constantly. Depending on the use case, the chip shortage will still have a ripple effect on all IT markets.


The blockchain is a specific type of database, and it will affect how data gets stored. You would store your data in any typical database by categorizing it using properly defined rows and columns.

In a blockchain, you will store data in the form of blocks. Every block connects to another, also known as a predecessor and a successor, forming a chain-like pattern.  The pattern is responsible for the name blockchain.

All data in the blockchain is under encryption for security, then stored in a hash format. Every block contained in a blockchain then connects to form a loop. Ultimately, access to a single file gives you access to the whole network.

When you don’t have the right keys, it is not possible to decrypt the data available on a blockchain network. It is the most effective way to curb the rising cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Many companies have started using blockchain in their operations. In the upcoming year, it will create more opportunities across the globe, such as reducing cases of cyberattacks in susceptible industries such as healthcare.

Adopting blockchain for data storage helps prevent all threats. According to Statista, the total revenue spent globally in implementing blockchain solutions will rise to a whopping 6.6 billion by 2024.


For 5G is the next big thing in the network segment that will change the functionality of cellular connectivity by a considerable margin. It can provide remarkable connectivity speeds using high-frequency radio waves. Various regions of the world are already using it, and it will spread more in the coming year.

Typically, a 5G spectrum radiofrequency has short wavelengths that span from 24 GHz to 100 GHz. Such a short range is effective in transferring large volumes of data at extremely high speeds.

The short wavelengths of the 5G network minimize its transfer distance. Therefore, anyone willing to use it effectively will need to invest in small towers on buildings to boost its transfer distance. Equally important, in 5G, the reception and transmission of data happen simultaneously over a single wavelength.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been in use for some time now, but most people are still finding new ways to integrate them into their processes. The objective of AI is to give machines decision-making abilities, just like the human brain.

No machine has reached this state technically, but AI is still beneficial even in the current world. It helps companies to automate their operations, leading to efficiency and higher productivity.

Also, AI has revolutionized almost every industry. Most AI-powered wearables help patients to get tailored treatments. In the software development field, they use AI with low-code or no-code platforms to save time developing new applications from scratch.

There is no need to write thousands of codes when you can automate all these processes. The development of self-driving cars that have revolutionized the logistics industry is also a result of AI use.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are branches of AI. They help to train machines to receive and interpret human language and make decisions at any given input. Some of the common machines that utilize these technologies include Google Assistance, Siri, and Alexa. Many more expected advancements will likely make AI more robust and valuable.

AI integrates easily with other technologies to offer more robust capabilities that will potentially change the way people work. In the coming years, most companies will widely embrace AI in their operations and use its automation powers to improve their processes.

Businesses must wait to adapt to these new changes and find the proper technical assistance and sophistication to ensure business continuity. If you have any business technology-related questions or are looking for a great IT support company to support your business, contact us at Kraft Technology Group. We have the tools and expertise to solve all your IT issues.