The cloud is more popular than ever these days – but unfortunately, with popularity comes risk. The more widely used a technology is, the more that cybercriminals will try to find a way to hack it, and turn it against the users.

Case in point – according to the Cloud Security Firm RedLock and its Cloud Security Trends report, more than 50% of businesses that use cloud services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) have unintentionally exposed at least one of these services to the public.

This growing trend of unsecured cloud platforms is due to businesses neglecting known vulnerabilities in the cloud, or failing to properly assess their cloud environment to discover unseen security risks.

Are you at risk?

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In the end, a comprehensive solution is the best approach, utilizing security control protocols that keep you protected from external threats around the clock without compromising the flexibility and convenience of the cloud.


A fully managed approach also takes care of ongoing concerns like automatic updates and patches. With the right partner delivering the cloud solution, you can be confident in your security while using it.

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