What To Do After You’ve Been Hit with a Ransomware Attack

Cyber Security Ventures reports that ransomware attacks occur on a new business every 14 seconds. This statistic is set to increase to as often as every 11 seconds by the year 2021. With over 1.5 million new phishing schemes launched monthly, ransomware is gaining traction as a leading intrusion attempt on today’s businesses.

Businessperson In Nashville Attacked With Ransomware

What Do I Do If I’m In the Middle of a Ransomware Attack?

If you’re reading this article because you’re staring at a screen that contains a demand for money in order to return your access to your data, here are a few things that you should consider doing.

  • Take a picture of the ransomware demand. It’s evidence for the police.
  • Call a cybersecurity team like the one at KTG
  • Disconnect your machine from the rest of the network by unplugging the LAN cable, turning off the WiFi, or both.

Call us at (615) 600-4411 or email us at info@kraftgrp.com after you’ve taken a picture of the ransomware demand and disconnected your machine.

Any other steps should be taken under the supervision of a professional cybersecurity technician. Be warned… You do NOT want to pay the ransom unless a professional cybersecurity technician tells you to after looking into the situation.

How Did This Happen in the First Place?

There is no business that is safe against the threat of ransomware today. Ransomware essentially works by blocking access to data through a variety of malicious means, including encryption of files, blocked access, and the corruption of software programs and applications. The hacker then promises full restoration of files and services once a ransom has been paid. So how does a hacker gain access in the first place?

  • Someone clicked a link in a phishing email
  • Your passwords aren’t strong and an account was compromised
  • Lackluster cybersecurity measures didn’t protect the network
  • Someone visited a website riddled with malware
  • Your files weren’t encrypted in the first place

As you can see, ransomware attacks commonly occur for one of two reasons: your environment isn’t secure OR your staff aren’t trained. Since small to mid-size businesses often lack the resources to purchase more robust cybersecurity plans or to employ cybersecurity professionals, they are typically at the greatest risk of a ransomware attack.

What is the Best Approach to Protect Against the Threat of Ransomware?

With ransomware attacks set to experience a rapid incline, forward-thinking businesses need to plan ahead to ensure their data, networks, and systems are fortified with the leading tools for cybersecurity protection. Unfortunately, ransomware is here to stay, and with each passing day, cybercriminals who employ this method are gaining more sophisticated means of utilizing this invasive tool to accomplish their goals.

A partnership with KTG provides businesses with the peace of mind that their IT networks and systems are fortified by proactive and comprehensive cybersecurity protocols to prevent ransomware from gaining a foothold. We work in tandem with business owners to provide a holistic approach to IT security which includes safeguarding every aspect of your environment, including software, hardware, systems, and networks.

There are many prongs to an effective cybersecurity protocol that effectively addresses concerns about ransomware. These include:

  • Regular updates and patches on operating systems software
  • A strategic data backup and recovery plan
  • Employee cybersecurity awareness training
  • Enterprise-grade antivirus software
  • And much more

Let’s talk about securing your business against ransomware. Call (615) 600-4411 or email us at info@kraftgrp.com now.