Kraft Technology Group Receives Elite Cyber Verify AA Risk Assurance Rating
Kraft Technology Group has officially received the MSPAlliance® Cyber Verify™ Risk Assurance Rating for Managed Services and Cloud Providers. Cyber Verify is designed to provide consumers greater transparency and assurance when it comes to the cybersecurity practices of those providers.  
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Kraft Technology Group Achieves
MSP Verify Certification
Kraft Technology Group is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the MSPAlliance's MSP Verify Program (MSPV) certification process, the oldest certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers.
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CISA Cyber Essentials Toolkits
Your Data
The fifth entry in CISA's series of Cyber Essentials Toolkits explores the necessity of data security and management. Are you absolutely sure your data is properly protected? As a part of their Cyber Essentials resource, CISA has rolled out an additional six Cyber Essentials Toolkits. The fifth covers best practices for maintaining data security and integrity.
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What Is The Dark Web Explained
Imagine surfing through the internet and finding yourself being advertised for sale. Crazy, right? Well, the dark web is an epicenter for illicit activity; and there's no limit to what you can buy or sell there.
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