Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Collaborating with staff, vendors, and management is now more accessible. The Kraft Technology Group shows you how to get started with today‚Äôs video training. Now more than ever before, your organization has changed the way you use technology. Take, for instance, Microsoft Teams.  
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CISA Cyber Essentials Toolkits
Your Surroundings
The fourth entry in CISA's series of Cyber Essentials Toolkits explores the importance of making sure only the right people have access to your "digital surroundings". Do you have the necessary access controls in place?
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Have You Heard of the Modern Workplace?
There's a new trend in business technology these days. As technology continues to optimize the business space, many organizations hope to make their offices "modern workplaces." However, we get the same question from professionals all the time: what exactly is the modern workplace?
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Small Business Calls Kraft Technology Group for Penetration Testing
You can't afford to assume your cybersecurity is strong enough to protect you. You need to actively test your cybersecurity with comprehensive assessments like the penetration test, which is precisely why this local Nashville business got in touch with Kraft Technology Group.
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