2020 Nashville Cybersecurity Threats Report
Though the first half of 2020 will almost certainly be known for the COVID-19 pandemic, the changes that were brought about in how we work and live have had drastic results in how cybersecurity is handled. Suddenly, millions of children were at home during the workday and millions of workers were working from home, creating a wide range of challenges for the first half of the year.  
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What Exactly Happens on the
Dark Web?
The dark web resides in a space hidden from search engine crawlers. To gain access to websites on the dark web, you need an anonymizing browser known as Tor. It is no surprise that this part of the internet attracts bad actors. According to a study conducted by researchers at King's College in London, many live dark web sites contain illicit content.
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The Debate Continues
In-House IT vs. Outsourced IT
With the drastic increase in remote workers caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the fabric of IT service delivery is taking on a new form, with many employees that would typically drop in to ask the IT department for help with an issue now having to solve these same problems over a phone call, email or similar approach.
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How to Implement a Rock Sold Business Continuity & Data Backup Strategy
Most businesses are left in ruin when there is a disaster striking them. This is because most business owners do not know the benefits of planning for any disaster in business despite its magnitude. Any business owner who has a rock-solid business continuity and data backup strategy is always ready to fight with any disaster that comes on his or her way.
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