December's Technology Training
Top 10 Editing Tips and Techniques
This month's technology training focuses on our top 10 Editing Tips and Techniques.

Save time and improve your skills with these shortcuts and techniques.
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What Do the Newest Microsoft Surface Models Offer You?
As one of the biggest names in technology, Microsoft continues to occupy the leading edge of business-focused technology, delivering greater power and more innovative design to professional users around the world. Microsoft recently unveiled their new line of Surface devices – have you seen what they can do?
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How Do I Stay Safe Against Cybercrime?
Last year, 93% of malware was found to be polymorphic – changing its code to avoid detection. Cybercrime is a very real, very sophisticated threat against ALL businesses. Webroot’s Threat Report found that 93% of malware was found to be polymorphic, which means it’s able to change its code to avoid being detected by standard cybersecurity solutions.
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Solutions & Success
The Microsoft Surface Hub 2s User Experience
The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is an interactive whiteboard, meetings platform and collaborative computing device designed to empower teamwork. This movable collaboration tool is meant to allow teams to work and share more efficiently wherever they need to, transforming any location, from the board room to the lobby, into a meeting place.
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