November's Technology Training
Master Linking Data In Microsoft Excel
This month's technology training focuses on Microsoft Excel. Learn the in's and out's of how to link data across multiple data sources.

Learn how to bring all your Excel data together in a single Excel spreadsheet....and more.
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Is Your Guest Wi-Fi Leaving Patient Records at Risk?
Many healthcare organizations are surprised to learn they’re number one on the list of most attacked industries. In fact, even the FBI has released warnings about how vulnerable healthcare organizations are. But why are they so commonly targeted?
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Kraft’s Don Baham Talks Cybersecurity On Jim Beach Podcast
Kraft Technology Group’s very own Don Baham recently joined Jim Beach on the School For Startups podcast to talk about the IT services and consulting, and particularly, the role that cybersecurity services play in the modern business environment.
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Can Yext And Visual Visitor Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing?
It can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain a visible and relevant profile. Marketing costs can often eat through your budget without achieving any real results, and traditional publicity methods are becoming less and less effective.
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