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How Safe Are You? Cybersecurity Seminar
When: FEBRUARY 20, 2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Event Details
KraftCPAs, Kraft Asset Management and Kraft Technology Group invite you to join us to learn practical, simple and non-technical ways to fight back against cyber criminals and become a black belt in cyber defense. Our speakers will include Jared Hoffman, Director of BAM Advisor Services, and Scott Augenbaum, a cyber security expert and speaker. As a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the Cyber Crime Fraud Unit, Scott specialized in computer crimes, fraud prevention, and the FBI’s Cyber Task Force.

We will also be giving away signed copies of Scott’s new book, The Secret to Cybersecurity: A Simple Plan to Protect Your Family and Business from Cybercrime.

Please email Tara Swint (listed below) to save your seat.

Event Organizer
Tara Swint
phone: 615-782-4219
Data Breach – What Are The Next Steps?
Data breach. It’s the two-word combination you never want to hear spoken within your healthcare organization. Whether you’re a doctor’s office, a hospital, or another healthcare facility, you don’t want to become a victim of digital theft. However, if you do become a victim, you need to know what your next steps are going to be.
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DMARC Fights Email Forgery
Email dates back to the beginnings of the Internet. The SMTP protocol, which is at the heart of email, dates back to 1982. In those days the Internet was a small network of computers that trusted each other. Security wasn’t an issue. That history has caused problems for email ever since. A sender can put any “From” address on a message, and there’s no guarantee it’s authentic. Forged messages are a huge problem today.
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The Real Estate Industry Can’t Forget Cybersecurity in 2019
Crye-Leike, based in Memphis, Tennessee, describes itself as the #3 real estate service in the United States. Recently it was the target of an attempt to breach its computer systems. It seems to have done everything right, and there’s no indication that the attempt was successful. Crye-Leike notified the FBI and shut down some internal systems as a precaution.
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