And 4 bonus tips for companies with Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce In today’s business environment, data is now more secure than it has ever been. But because we rely so heavily on our software and data storage in day-to-day business procedures, any form of data disaster could send a modern business into a tail-spin. […]

Who watches the watchers? You expect a managed service provider to protect your security, but it has to protect its own as well. MSPs are targets because they’re a gateway to many clients’ systems. At Kraft Technology Group, we take the strongest precautions to protect both our own systems and yours. Attacks with strong backing […]

For centuries, there has been this concept in the business world that the best companies are internally self-sufficient. It is considered ‘best’ to have in-house staff for every function you require, from balancing the books to marketing the product. Hiring contractors and outsourcing expert-level work has been seen as some kind of failing on the […]

Data, Data, Data—must be phenomenal or something precious because there’s no end to conversations about how to get, analyze, or protect it. We’re witnessing a strong and growing appetite for enterprise data all over the world, and according to some estimates, the increased proliferation of IT assets will see the data we create every year hit […]

Cybersecurity Seminar When: February 20, 2019 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Where: KraftCPAs Nashville Office 555 Great Circle Rd. Nashville, TN 37228 Event Details Join the Kraft Asset Management and Kraft Technology Group teams to learn practical, simple and non-technical ways to fight back against cyber criminals and become a black belt in cyber defense. […]

Wi-Fi is essentially a lifeline these days. There are apps in endless supply to help you find Wi-Fi hotspots no matter if you are in an airport or waiting in the lobby of a doctor’s office. Sure, it’s convenient to utilize free Wi-Fi, but it’s important to keep in mind that hackers are smart and […]

Does it make you nervous when you consider how much of your personal information is essentially spread all over the internet? In spite of antivirus programs and firewalls, all data is somewhat at risk on the web. One of the most proven techniques to ensure your data is safe is to use a virtual private […]

Cybercriminals keep relying on the same scams because users keep falling for the exact same tactics without ever seeming to learn the skills needed to protect against them. It might come as a surprise, but the greatest cyber threat that businesses are facing today isn’t hackers exploiting software vulnerabilities; it’s your staff. Social engineering attacks […]

There are a number of ways that technology helps you communicate – whether over the phone, via email or social media, or otherwise, these are all key aspects of your work life. However, given how much business data is transferred over your email and in other digital communications every day, have you ever considered whether […]

There’s a lot of hardware involved in your IT infrastructure – you’ve got desktop computers, modems, routers, a considerable amount of cabling, and possibly even onsite servers. What would you guess is the most important part of the whole set-up? Depending on how you define it, it can be difficult to nail down. But without […]