To make the most out of what we hope will be a gorgeous long weekend, we will be closing our office for the day on Monday, September 2nd. And as always, we’ll have technicians on call for all of our managed IT services clients, and you’ll be able to reach us by calling our office […]

Do you know about the “Dark Web”? It’s the part of the Internet where your private data – passwords, social security, credit card numbers, etc. – could be for sale right now. Do you know how to check if they are? The Internet isn’t all funny videos and social media. Between phishing, malware, and a […]

22 Texas Government agencies from the local to state levels have been hit with ransomware – do you know what they did wrong, and what you can learn from it? Kraft Technology Group president Don Baham was recently interviewed by Brittany Weiner of WSMV News4 Nashville to share vital info about ransomware. 22 different organizations […]

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace wants to help make high-level cybersecurity simple for CEOs, CISOs and Board Members of financial institutions – that’s why they’ve released “Cyber Resilience and Financial Organizations: A Capacity-building Tool Box”. One of the most significant barriers to success in cybersecurity is complexity. Especially when it comes to leadership from […]

Need a little insight into strengthening your HIPAA compliance efforts? Check out the latest FAQs about coordination of exchanging ePHI between health plans. Working in the healthcare industry means more than treating patients. In addition to patient care, your practice’s staff also has to maintain compliance with complicated, regularly updated HIPAA regulations. However, that’s easier […]

It just makes sense that when it comes to specialized work, you’d want to hire specialists, trained and certified, to be the ones making use of the tools of their trade. Don’t you think that makes sense for cybersecurity as well? We will explore why engaging Kraft Technology Group to manage your Fortinet solutions, such […]