Middle Tennessee’s need for skilled tech workers keeps growing – but there aren’t enough to go around. What can you do if you can’t find the right people to fill your tech roles?

Names can get confusing. Even as software providers like Microsoft try to brand their products in attractive ways for potential clients, it’s easy to get lost. You just got used to Office 365; now, Microsoft 365 is a new bundle that is significantly different despite a similar designation. And that’s nothing to say of the tiers within […]

June 16th is Father’s Day, a great reason to spend a little quality time with the family doing a few of Dad’s favorite things.   Whatever your plans are, take some time this Sunday to let Dad know how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years, and how glad you are […]

Did you notice that Oracle changed Java SE licensing to start charging users per license? While it used to be free, as of a few months ago, using Java has become an expense, something that many have overlooked. Have you budgeted for Java? Do You Use Java? Doing So Will Now Cost You Extra.  As […]

At the Worldwide Developer Conference, Monday, June 3rd, Apple presented the company’s plans for the new face of iOS13, iPadOS, and WatchOS.  With a host of new features to provide optimum performance and speed, Apple also addressed privacy concerns by introducing measures that will help keep you and your information safe and secure. Protecting Personal […]

Cybersecurity has, over the last few years, become an increasing concern for small and large businesses alike. An increasing number of organizations have fallen victim to cyberattacks in the past few years–and even big banks have seen an increase in the number of attacks. While thus far, there have been no known massive banking cyberattack crises, […]