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Data, Data, Data—must be phenomenal or something precious because there’s no end to conversations about how to get, analyze, or protect it. We’re witnessing a strong and growing appetite for enterprise data all over the world, and according to some estimates, the increased proliferation of IT assets will see the data we create every year hit […]

Data Breach? What Are The Next Steps? Data breach. It’s the two-word combination you never want to hear spoken within your healthcare organization. Whether you’re a doctor’s office, a hospital, or another healthcare facility, you don’t want to become a victim of digital theft. However, if you do become a victim, you need to know […]

Remembered mostly for his “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who fought to end segregation in this country. On this day, we remember someone who devoted their life to achieving racial equality. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Georgia in 1929. He graduated from high school at the […]

Email dates back to the beginnings of the Internet. The SMTP protocol, which is at the heart of email, dates back to 1982. In those days the Internet was a small network of computers that trusted each other. Security wasn’t an issue. That history has caused problems for email ever since. A sender can put […]

Crye-Leike, based in Memphis, Tennessee, describes itself as the #3 real estate service in the United States. Recently it was the target of an attempt to breach its computer systems. It seems to have done everything right, and there’s no indication that the attempt was successful. Crye-Leike notified the FBI and shut down some internal systems […]