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Uptime: it’s one of the most important words in the IT industry. Every company is striving for the key goal of uninterrupted uptime: the ability to successfully navigate all day, every day at work without having to worry that your systems are going to go down. In spite of that desire for unlimited uptime, however, many businesses fail to realize the full cost benefits of unlimited uptime–or how to go about acquiring it. 

The increase in cyber-attacks over recent years means more companies are seeking Cyber Insurance. As we hear more and more about companies such as Home Depot, Target and JPMorgan Chase & Co. among others that have had security breaches resulting in customers’ sensitive and private information being revealed; cyber security has risen to become a top concern of small and large businesses alike.

Have you ever used public Wi-Fi in a coffee shop? – In a hotel? – While sitting at an airport waiting for your flight?