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Excel is an invaluable tool in the world of modern business. Whether keeping track of data, budgeting or tracking trends, companies that use Excel Tables are at a considerable advantage over those that use knock-off alternatives. The professional benefits of Excel Tables extend beyond the technical level. Businesses that frequently use Excel Tables are more […]

Microsoft Office 365 users are constantly surprised at the many innovative tools included within this suite of programs.  FindTime is its newest meeting scheduler. With its integration into Outlook, users can quickly schedule meetings. The FindTime app solves a very real problem that frustrates workers everywhere. Its ease of use is the number one advantage […]

This chat-based meeting application for agile teams – but only if you know how to use it properly. So many things have changed in business circles. From lighting fast computers to programs that allow you to accomplish any task, today’s technology makes almost anything possible. One of the big changes in America’s corporate culture is […]

Stop Trying To Decide Between A Laptop Or A Tablet – The Real Question Is, Surface Book 2 Or Surface Pro? Microsoft has a lot to offer when it comes to hybrid laptop/tablets – but which one is right for you? Wondering whether to purchase the Surface Pro or Surface Book 2? Think about what […]

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a Managed IT Services provider for your business – how can you tell which is the right choice for you? These days, business owners are searching for every advantage to put their company on top. With so much competition out there, just a few small […]

There are few things worse than feeling trapped in an unfulfilling relationship – especially when it’s a vital business relationship. Technology is an integral part of everything your business does, which raises a few important questions about your current IT set up. For starters, what is your relationship like with your technology systems – rock […]

In the span of a single year, three very different companies became the targets of Business Email Compromise (BEC), an increasingly prevalent type of a cyber-attack, one that is projected to cause over $9 billion in damage in 2018. One of these companies, San Jose-based maker of networking technology Ubiquiti, disclosed in a quarterly financial […]

Your small business is at risk. There’s no way to sugar coat it and no way to say it any more plainly. Every day there are criminals targeting businesses. Why? Because they want your money, they want your private data, or they just want to cause trouble for you. It doesn’t matter what they want. […]

Ransomware has quickly become one of the biggest cyber threats to businesses today, especially given the recent Wanna Cry epidemic that infected hundreds of thousands of IT systems in more 150 countries. This kind of malware presents serious data integrity and financial concerns for affected businesses. It works by tricking a user into opening an […]