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Breaking Down Compliance Concerns for Healthcare Providers Using Skype Every day, we work alongside a variety of healthcare providers to ensure HIPAA data compliance standards are implemented correctly. As technology-for-business continues to evolve, instant messaging platforms – like the one provided in Skype – offer a convenient way of quickly communicating information between team members […]

Online shopping is something many are becoming increasingly familiar with in the digital age. From Amazon Prime to special online-only sales, anything one could ever want, or need can be bought online. However, an aspect of online shopping that is often overlooked is security. This means being aware of what sites you are visiting as […]

Combatting Cybercrime with Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft Azure For business owners, the cybercrime landscape is only getting worse. More and more, businesses are looking for the best ways to lock down company data and implement strengthened lines of defense. Two-step account verification is becoming an increasingly popular means of keeping hackers away from business account […]

  Grateful for Optimization: Why We’re Celebrating Tech Innovation This Thanksgiving For today’s business owners, technology is tightly woven into everything they do. A strong IT platform is literally the foundation of every modern business, however, it’s become second nature, so its contributions are often overlooked or undervalued. Professionals become so used to technology being […]